Attorney and author Nancee Tomlinson practices law and resides in Athens, Georgia. Since graduating from Georgia State Law School in 2000, she has focused on advocating for individuals with challenging legal issues as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Currently her practice focuses on criminal defense, advocating for incapacitated adults in probate court, and representing children juvenile court.

Nancee is a respected criminal trial attorney whose practice includes representation of underprivileged, indigent clients; she ensures her clients obtain positive results. In probate court, Nancee represents individuals whose capacity is in question and works to obtain the best court decisions for clients in those cases. Her writing for juvenile court focuses on educating the participants to produce the best outcome for the children involved. She is an award winning and exhibited amateur photographer as well as a volunteer in the Athens community through Young Harris Memorial United Methodist Church.

In Caregiver’s Compass, Nancee writes to educate foster parents about the basics of the legal system as well as provide a record keeping journal to aid in the process. Foster children need the highest level of care and attention. Caregiver’s Compass brings important information to foster parents which will improve understanding and communication to benefit foster children everywhere.

Photo credit: © 2014 Braxton Barden